Cargo Consolidation

By definition, cargo consolidation is combining a number of smaller shipments to be transported as one large shipment.

When we consolidate (or repack) your parcels, we take the content of the packages and put it in a single box that is as small and safe as possible.

Freight Consolidation or shipping consolidation services refers to a cargo shipping method in which a logistics company  to combine several individual consignments to make up one shipment. This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped at cheaper rates and offers greater security. At destination, the consolidated shipment is separated back into the original individual consignments for delivery to their respective consignees.

Shipping Consolidation Services

In general, it makes sense to have the goods delivered to your international destination in a box that is as small as possible.

In the USA, freight charges are reasonable. Therefore, goods are shipped  in boxes that are sometimes twice or three times bigger than the content they carry inside.

When it comes to international shipments, however, the shipping charges are calculated by the weight, actual or dimensional – whichever is greater (the chargeable weight). For example: the actual weight of a package is 15KG and the dimensional weight is 25KG the chargeable weight will be 25KG. To learn more about how the dimensional weight is calculated.

In a nutshell: The smaller the box, the closer the actual weight is to the dimensional weight and the cheaper the shipping charges will be.

How is Cargo Consolidation Done: 

When we see your repack request, we retrieve your packages and double-check that we have the correct ones.

All outside boxes are removed, we only keep the retail packaging. That might significantly lower the postage (package becomes smaller and lighter).

After this, we put the goods in a box that is as small as possible. All Packages are tagged and prepared for shipment. We make it easy.

Shipping Consolidations Services companies are becoming more in demand used by small and large companies to ship packages internationally. At some point cross docking is involved and sometimes transload services