Global logistics

Global logistics refers to the flow of resources and information between a business or source and the consumer. It is a management process that analyzes how resources are acquired, stored and transported.

The process requires detailed analysis of a company’s entire supply chain.

International 4PL creates end-to-end solutions by listening carefully to both your challenges and opportunities. We then leverage our industry and operational expertise to build competitive advantages for you. Our goal is to improve communication and reduce expense throughout your supply chain.

Our operating philosophy is to provide superior customer service, agility, and customized solutions. We  work to understand your business completely and provide you with support at every turn of your global distribution and freight forwarding needs. You will have direct access to the team 24 hours a day, seven days a week and our technology platforms give you visibility throughout the process.

Top ranked logistics executives in our industry our employed by International 4PL in order to provide the best experience.
Our network is comprised of carefully formed strategic alliances to provide the most comprehensive package of service and competitive rates in our industry. Our focus is propagated throughout our network from origin to destination offices and our personnel are in tune to our specific customer requirements.

As part of our global logistics We contract warehousing and distribution solutions from modern facilities around the world .

These provide integrated real-time order management and complete inventory control.

We understand Global Logistics

A growing number of manufacturers have embraced global sourcing as a fast-track method for achieving that goal.

At International 4PL we understand the need to cross barriers of trade in order to deliver on time. We are part of a large freight forwarder network so that we make sure, we deliver on time solutions

Contract Warehousing
Contract Warehousing solutions optimize supply chain efficiency and reduce latency by combining cutting-edge technology and modern facilities with expertise and experience at every location. ‘Activity Based Pricing’, is an option that allows you to significantly reduce overhead and fixed cost.

Simple Inventory Control

Sophisticated WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) are used by our distribution centers around the world. We cater for simpler solutions and provide a global inventory view in real-time, integrating with Order Management and our freight applications.

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