container drayage

Container Drayage

Container Drayage  is a small but crucial point in supply chains in which trucks transport containers between port terminals and distribution centers. If you have ever been involved in import via Ocean Freight, you must have dealt with the inefficiencies associated with container Drayage.

Your Freight Forwarders must have told you many times that the port is congested and the trucker has been waiting at the port since early in the Morning. You stress out over getting the container fast since you might have hired help to off load the container. Finally, the container shows up at closing time where you have to keep overnight which presents other challenges and do not forget how frustrated is the trucker. He makes more money with more trips to the port; these delays affect his income potential.

Container Drayage Challenges

Trucks are often backed up at major shipping ports during peak seasons as terminal operators’ sort through thousands of containers (Boxes) that may be waiting to be picked up for transport to a warehouse nearby.

Container Shipping Companies are inundated with call from Drayage Companies trying to find out when their container will be ready. Ports at this time do not offer appointments for pick up.

Wouldn’t it be nice the freight forwarding company is somehow notified when a container is ready for pick up and an appointment set up.

The other obstacle is finding a drayage company at a reasonable rate to pick up the container.  Miami Freight Forwarders go through a tough time finding a drayage company to pick up the container as most of the companies are busy and this leads to higher rates as drivers are looking for more income.

Digital Solutions

A new startup company funded by the largest steamship line in the world has developed an online drayage brokerage platform that uses algorithms to provide customers with instant rate quotes and match their containers with available trucking companies.

The port and the trucking companies are wired to the platform which matches truck drivers with the best available containers based on appointment, wait time and travel time. The platform is synced with the ports and notifies truckers when a matching load is available. No more calls, no more hassle

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