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Export Solutions out of Miami continue to gain strength even with trade wars and slowing economies in some parts of the world. Exports to some developed Countries have slowed down however; exports to some emerging markets remains steady. Africa happens to be the focus of exports as of late. Some Countries in Africa have been seen tremendous growth in tourism which fueled a building frenzy of hotels in those Countries to handle the growing number of tourists. Building materials, needed for constructions, are being shipped to African nations.

Export Solutions and Freight Forwarders

If you are looking to export products out of the Miami, Florida for example, you will probably need the services of a dependable  Freight Forwarder. Do your research, read the reviews and call around before you commit. You can search for  Best Freight Forwarders in Miami or Freight Forwarders in Doral to find a few freight forwarders. When shipping for Hotel products, most probably you will need   Freight Consolidation Services to receive all the products, organize the cargo and consolidate into a container to be shipped to final destination.

Does the shipping rate matter?

Once mistake that most exporters make when choosing a shipping company, is focusing on getting the lowest rate at the expense of the service.  Not that the rates do not matter, of course it does however; service is key too. What good will the low rate be if the container arrives late to destination? The purchaser might refuse it or ask for compensation. Look for a good service provider.

What to look for in Exporting to Africa?

Look for a forwarder who has an agent in the country you are shipping to. That will make it as lot easier to clear the shipment and make sure everything goes according to plan.

Make sure the Forwarders has its own warehouse. Some Freight Forwarders do not have warehouses and use a third-party warehouse to consolidate cargo, that could lead to problems instead of export solutions

Look for a forwarder who has employees who have employees that speak French as many of the Countries in Africa, Especial western Africa do not speak English. French is a predominant language.

Other Export Solutions Offered by Freight Forwarders:

– Import Services; Includes Ocean freight Services, Air Freight Services

Warehousing Services : Storage for customers who do not warehouse space.

Order Fulfillment Services; Many startups need help fulfilling their online orders.

Inland Transportation Services : Freight forwarders and save you on transportation charges due to their large shipping volumes


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