Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarding

freight forwarder is a company that handles shipments from place of purchase to the final buyer. this does not apply to shipments within the same country. Freight Forwarders contract a shipping company that actually owns the ship or plane to move cargo.

The freight forwarder is an intermediary between a shipper and the final point of distribution. While the freight forwarder does not actually move the freight itself.

Advantages of working with a freight forwarder

  • Cost Savings
    Freight Forwarders work with different shipping companies which allows them to have access to different rates.
  • Peace of Mind
    Working with a company specialized in freight forwarding takes out the guess work. You can be assured that you are in compliance and will not make costly mistakes
  • Flexibility
    Freight Forwarders will provide you with many options to ship your cargo depending on how fast you need your shipment.
  • Value Added Services
    Some freight forwarders can offer many other services that might prove necessary to your operations such as warehousing services and distribution.

Before Contacting a freight forwarder 

In order to save time and avoid mistakes, be prepared to answer the following questions: 

  • At what point does my responsibility and liability of the cargo begin or end?
  • What type of service needed? Ocean Freight or Air freight
  • What mode of service do I need? Do I need port to port, port to door, door to port, or door to door services
  • Origin address of the cargo.
  • Final delivery address at the final destination
  • What are the dimensions of the cargo       
  • Is my cargo considered hazardous
  • Are there any special requirements needed to import the products?
  • Any special documentation needed

If there are any additional services needed when the shipment arrives to the final destination such as de-consolidation or pick and pack services? If so you need to find out if your freight forwarder is equipped to handle such services as this will reduce your cost and save time. Many 3PL Companies can handle such services. 


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